Norfolk Marine Supporting Drinking Water Conservation in India

Working with Synthetex LLC of America and SKAPS Industries of India, Norfolk Marine are providing on-site technical support for an innovative solution for sealing of leaks to canals which transport vital potable and irrigation water around the country.

Dewatering of the canals when repairs to the lining are needed proves difficult and disruptive. The use of Hydrotex cast in-place concrete mattress systems enables the repair work to be undertaken with the canal in full operation without disrupting the supply of water.

Utilising local dive teams and labour under the direction of Norfolk Marine Ltd’s Project Manager, repairs were completed to a 50m section of damaged canal lining to the Saurashtra Branch Canal in Gujarat. The canal lining was first cleaned and all voids filled before the mattress sections were rolled out across the canal and pumped full of micro concrete. The resulting repair proved effective with water seepage stopping within hours of completion. See the project at: SKAPS HYDROTEX Form Fabric For Canal Lining

For more information please contact info@norfolkmarine.ie or follow the links to Synthetex LLC & SKAPS Industries.