Remote Installation for TFN Scour Remediation System

Norfolk Marine’s TFN System has the key to entrapment of sediments at the base of offshore structure foundations.  

When the TFN’s are placed around the base of subsea foundations, further scouring of the seabed beneath them is prevented. The upper section of the TFN’s then captures sediments born in the water column thus reducing sediment plumes and stabilising seabed levels.

Norfolk Marine Ltd completed the first commercial installation of the TFN System in 2015 has now developed the system for remote installation.

Johnny Gallagher, Norfolk Marine’s Sales Director said “The use of divers to install the TFN System was seen by many potential clients as a drawback, although they were very impressed with the TFN’s performance as a scour protection and remediation system the use of divers to carry out the installation was a stumbling block. With many project now moving in to deeper waters we see the ability to remotely place the TFN’s as a major step forward”.

The TFN System offers a cost effective long term solution to scour around offshore structure foundations. The system is fabricated from recycled materials reducing the environment impact of offshore developments.

·         TFN’s trap sediment transported in or through scour holes resulting in elevated bed levels

·         TFN’s placed in an existing scour hole as a remedial measure are effective in resisting further dropping of bed levels at the base of Mono Pile Foundations.

·         TFN’s dramatically reduce the effects of secondary scour when compared to conventional scour prevention systems

·         TFN’s resist sinking from sucking scour in sandy seabed’s.

·         TFN’s resist the Lee Wake vortex effect found downstream of foundation piles.

·         TFN’s resist “roll away” which can result in rock armour moving away from the structure.

For more information on the TFN System please contact Johnny Gallagher at johnny@norfolkmarine.ie

or Bill Wilcox at bill@norfolkmarine.ie