Contract Completion: Killybegs Outfall

Norfolk Marine have completed the installation of the subsea elements for the Killybegs waste water outfall as a sub contract for Visser & Smit Hanab, working for main contractor BAM. Our 8 man dive team, working from the Skerchi construction barge, carried out the following operations in 30m of water.

  • Location of directional drill bit on seabed and airlifting of drill string exit point
  • Setting up of subsea pipe pull equipment and monitoring pull
  • Underwater cutting of 450mm diameter HDPE pipe wall thickness 35mm
  • Connection of pipe transition piece
  • Construction of 150m long subsea pipeline and diffuser
  • Installation of precast concrete articulated scour mattress
  • Installation of stainless steel diffuser guards
  • Backfilling of pipeline trench