Drinking Water Treatment Plants and Storage Facilities

Drinking Water Treatment

Since early 2009, Norfolk Marine Limited has been employed by Meath County Council to undertake regular maintenance works at various Water Treatment Plants across the county.

 Intake screens to Water Treatment Plants at Navan, Trim and Kilcaran have been removed, cleaned, and refitted by Norfolk Marine Limited diver teams as and when required each year.

 Other works undertaken by Norfolk Marine Limited for Meath County Council include the design, fabrication, and installation of an access platform to the intake structure of the water treatment works at Kilcaran and the fabrication and installation of extensions to the filter bed dam walls to Liscarton Water Treatment Works. The extensions were installed without the need to close the Water Treatment Works and avoided disruption of drinking water supplied to the local area.

 Drinking Water Storage

During 2009, Norfolk Marine Limited carried out internal inspections of Drinking Water Storage Reservoirs across the County Cavan. The inspections were undertaken using full surface supplied diving equipment fitted with hat mounted CCTV and DVD recording equipment. This allowed the County Engineer to view the inspections in real time on the monitor in the diving station and also maintain a DVD record of the survey works.

During the survey works, systems were in place to ensure no debris or contaminates were introduced into the drinking water network and that silts on the floors of the reservoirs were not disturbed.